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ENHANCED BRAND CONTENT: Secrets of an Amazon Marketing Agency

20/11/2016 12:25:00

Sean Farrington


Hey, here is another installment of my behind the scenes peek into the techniques and strategies used inside my Amazon Marketing Agency. 


As you know I am the owner of 4th Wall Marketing and I am doing this series to discuss some of the techniques we use to create optimized product listings that convert. Today we are discussing Enhanced Brand Content. 


As a quick overview, when shoppers go onto Amazon they enter a search term and some results pop up. At this point the shoppers scroll, and scroll, and scroll. At some point something catches their eye and the click.


If they land on your listing, your hope is that they check out some of your images, they read some of your copy and then click your buy button. 


If this doesn’t happen, then what happens next is either they back out of your listing, or they start scrolling within your listing. 


Once your shopper starts scrolling you have a very high percentage (above 90%) that you're going to lose the sale. The reason you will likely lose the sale is because of what is at the bottom of any listing.


Take a peek there and you will se is a bunch of other cool stuff. There are bright fun distractions that are presented by Amazon for your customer to click and leave your listing. 


But if your listing is optimized with Enhanced Brand Content, when the shoppers scroll they will notice something else, perhaps a large hero image, a great shot of your product looking large and in charge.


Maybe they will see just a little bit of text and some more images show off the benefits of your product. 


This is just basically what Enhance Brand Content is about, and it is what I am covering in the video (above)


One of the chief benefits of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC for short) is that it stops the scroll. 


EBC stops the process of shoppers leaving your listing by interrupting their scroll with new information. Instead of clicking away they stop and go, “Oh wait that's a pretty image I don't think I've seen that before.” And they reengage with your product.


So the first objective is is to capture some of those shoppers who have wandered below-the-fold.


By the way, the area where you first land on an Amazon listing is called “above-the-fold.” This is where you want your customers to stay.


Above-the-fold is a term from the old newspaper days. When you received a newspaper it was folded. The primo info was at the top above-the-fold. This are of a newspaper was expensive real estate. Advertisers would pay premium dollars to be above the fold.


The term is now used in modern marketing to describe where you first land on any web site. When shoppers start scrolling they move “below-the-fold.”


Once a shopper goes below the fold your statistical chance of losing that customer is close to 90%!


So, having Enhanced Brand Content below-the-fold is just another chance to reengage your customer with your product. Often you will communicate something to them that they didn't see originally, and (hopefully) you’ll get them back into buying mode.


So I've provided some examples of how you can use this content to recapture and reengage some of your scrolling shoppers. 


In my research into ideas for Amazon product listing optimization I often look at major brands, because generally they really do fairly good job on their branding and imagery.  So I and my team often dig into a different brand each week, just to kind of see what they're doing and keep a finger on the pulse on the industry.  


On these EBC examples I provide you will notice some of the following optimizing factors:


  • Lots of good images
  • Bright colorful pictures
  • Bold and emotional images
  • Good Hero Shots of the product
  • Very little text (just enough to explain what's going and show good benefits of using the product)
  • If text, then additional info not in already in the listing
  • There are good visuals of USPs (such as showing connectivity between Bluetooth)


I show examples from the following:


  • Sony Products (lots of them, what can I say, they are good)
  • Foam rollers for exercise
  • KitchenAid
  • PlayStation (again, another Sony product)
  • Herman Miller (a $1200 chair!)


We will go into their specific use of imagery and words to engage below-the-fold scrollers back into buying mode. 


This includes staying focusing on benefits. Staying benefits focused is a hard concept for most Amazon sellers. 


In short, benefits are all about the “why” of buying decisions. As the old maxim goes:


How many people last year who bought a drill actually wanted the drill?


The answer?


None of them.


They wanted a hole!


The hole is the benefit.


Also, I will break down some of the technical details behind Brand Content. 


  • Which of the Enhanced Brand Content templates you should choose (there are 5 available types).
  • What font size is best.
  • Also how Amazon SEO experts view text on Enhanced Brand Content


And, finally, I will quickly show how you can load your Enhanced Brand Content into Amazon Seller Central. By they way, for your reference:


  1. Select Enhanced Brand Content from the Advertising menu.
  2. To add the content, enter the SKU representing the ASIN you want to use and follow the onscreen prompts to select your desired template.
  3. Populate the text and image slots.
  4. Save your changes or click Submit to send the content for validation and approval.
  5. Verify if content is published or make changes by clicking Edit for a specific SKU.



The bottom line with Enhanced Brand Content is that it is not just about having images and words below-the-fold; it is really about Customer Obsession (as Jeff Bezos keeps as Amazon’s primary focus). 


Good Enhanced Brand Content is about finding a way to add value to your listings. In other words, Enhanced brand content can't just be a repeat of your title and bullets.


EBC is specialized copy and imagery that exists below-the-fold to reengage scrolling shoppers. You will see how it is specifically designed to get scrollers back into buying mode, to increase your conversion ratio, and (most importantly) to increase Amazon sales.


I hope you find this mini tour though Enhanced Brand Content useful for your business. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact us, otherwise I hope you have a great day, and happy selling!


- Sean